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Do you remember when cotton candy grapes first hit the market? It seemed as if everybody wanted to try them. Today, there is a new type of designer grape that tastes just like grape soda. Appropriately, they are named “Grape Soda” grapes and you can find them at Sam’s Club.

If you’ve ever had grape soda before, you realize that it doesn’t actually taste like grapes. Grapes taste like grapes, but now there is a grape that tastes like grape soda! Unlike the soda found in a can, these grapes are healthy and they contain no added sugar. There are also many anti-aging benefits associated with eating these grapes, so you might just want to try some for yourself.

In order to accomplish this feat, standard grapes were crossbred to create something unusual, but very delicious. You can use them for all kinds of snacking purposes, but some people are making them into a grape slushy after freezing the grapes. You might even want to try putting them in a salad or perhaps just freezing them and enjoying them whole on a hot summer day.

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Super excited to try these new grapes. Has anyone had them? Thoughts??? #grapesodagrapes

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If you are ready to try something new in your life, why not head over to Sam’s Club and see if they have some in stock? They are available for a limited time and they are boxed in 3-pound boxes. If you really want to get them, you may have to travel to a number of locations because people are buying them up as soon as they hit the shelves.