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As parents, we often struggle to cut the cord when it is time to leave our children, even if they are staying with someone who is very trustworthy.

That is what this mother went through when it was time to leave her little one with her dad. Sure, parents are awesome babysitters because we know that we can trust them and they are free.

Photo: TikTok/@almostmakesperfect

The grandparents also get the joy of knowing that they will be able to spend one on one time with the kids. Of course, there are downsides and that is what this mother had to learn the hard way. Her father seems to struggle with the simplest tasks. He’s had to text her to ask where the condiments are and he’s managed to drop her son off at school 30 minutes late.

That’s before you get into the fact that a task as easy as microwaving pizza seems to elude him. Molly is a lifestyle and parenting influencer who posts under the name @almostmakesperfect.

Photo: TikTok/@almostmakesperfect

“How to have a relaxing babymoon – don’t ask your dad to babysit,” the text caption on her video reads. “Never again,” she said and once you see what she has been through, you will understand why.

The montage that she created of her father’s bumbling while she was away is too funny. Not only did he get her child off to school 30 minutes later but he also managed to forget the child’s backpack in the process. She also shared an exchange where her father seemed to struggle with very easy toaster oven settings.

“Which one?”

She replies, “The one that looks like bread all the way to the left.”

“One looks like pizza and one looks round like an English muffin,” her father writes back.

Photo: TikTok/@almostmakesperfect

Even though Molly replies in a very blunt manner, her father still does not seem to understand what is going on. Bless his heart.

“Can you secretly take a pic of my dad, is he just sitting on his phone?” she texted a friend who was also helping out.

The photo that she got back summarized the whole week in a hilarious way. Her son was glued to his tablet and Grandpa was chugging a beer. We cannot stop laughing and this is prime meme content if we ever saw it.