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This British grandmother does not wait for Santa to come, she takes matters into her own hands. While many people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping, Tina Quarrell has already purchased her Christmas gifts for next year and has even wrapped them, too!

She shared the hack with her Facebook Group, The magical holidays of Christmas.

Photo: Pexels/Jenna Hamra

Tina made the post on December 31, so she is certainly ahead of the game. “I have six adult children, 16 grandchildren, then all the birthdays in between,” she wrote. She even posted pictures of the fully wrapped gifts, in case anyone thought that she was lying about this.

According to the post, Tina keeps a notepad so that she knows which gift goes to which person. Since her family also celebrates three big birthdays and her middle daughter is going to be getting married this year, she wants to remain organized.

Photo: Facebook/Tina Quarrell

Tina does not forget to shop for herself, either. She went on to say that she has already gotten Christmas cards and Christmas Eve boxes for herself and her child.

These are not the only items that she is currently stashing away, either. Tina already has found some excellent Christmas pajamas that perfectly align with her daughter’s wrapping paper, money “wallets” and ornaments. This is not all that she is going to be buying, either. Some thought that this meant she was done for the year but that is not what is happening here.


“I will continue buying throughout the year and hope to be finished by the end of November,” she continued. Easter time is already taken care of also. She’s been to the store and has procured the necessary items. “I have to do this as I have a lot of family then I panic that I won’t get all I need and because I didn’t start early enough,” she explained.

Tina says that these types of ordeals “stressed me out and sent my anxiety through the roof so hopefully doing this was I won’t have the stress and worry near the time and I don’t have to buy Christmas Eve.”

We understand where she is coming from, 100 percent. We can’t be the only ones who are considering this. What do you think of her plans to shop so early? Let us know!