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Apparently, someone has been sneaking in packets of googly eyes and sticking them on various products at Costco! It’s such a funny prank because of how harmless it is.

Plus, it is sure to make people wonder if they are being watched. Is there someone who is trying to send them a message? There is a lot of speculation to be made here.

Photo: Unsplash/Brett Jordan

When jokes make everyone laugh without infuriating anyone or ruining their day, that’s the perfect prank (in our humblest of opinions, of course).

Can you imagine someone actually getting mad at this hilariousness? We would laugh hysterically if we were in Costco and saw someone blowing their top over some pet food that happened to have some googly eyes attached to it.

Photo: Facebook/MrGooglyeye

The MrGooglyEye Facebook account has shared a two-part video of these exploits. We urge you to check it out for one simple reason….it is awesome.

We were dying of laughter as soon as we opened the video and saw the person holding all of the googly eyes in their hand. This is someone who definitely knows how to have a good time.

Photo: Facebook/MrGooglyeye

They attach the eyes to all sorts of products and packages, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Watch the videos below:

CostCo Part 2 😇 More to come 😈

Posted by MrGooglyeye on Sunday, November 8, 2020

Part 3 of CostCo fun 👀

Posted by MrGooglyeye on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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