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The Golden Girls is one of the most enduring sitcoms of all time. It’s been off the air for some time now but we still watch it on a regular basis. Their approach to life is so refreshing. They do not let the problems get to them, and everything can be solved within the course of one episode. All you need are your best buds and a few slices of cheesecake to smooth any issue over.

The next time you are looking to spice up your binge-watching sprees, we have the perfect item for you: Golden Girls shot glasses. Whether you are looking to pass the time on those chilly nights or you are having a summer watch party, they are absolutely perfect for the occasion.

These shot glasses are not like the ones that you are going to find in most instances, either. Each of the shot glasses comes with a picture of the Golden Girls themselves. This would make them a great addition to any bar setup anyway, but there is even more to the story. The shot glasses can also be used for drinking games.

Photo: Amazon

On the back of each shot glass, there is a rule for your drinking game. For example, the Dorothy rule is a simple one. You have to drink each and every time she says “Ma” and if Sophia tells you to picture Sicily? It is time to drink! Anyone who has ever watched the show in the past can tell you that these instances tend to happen a lot. You’d better get your drinking pants on!

The shot glasses can be purchased for just $22. They are worth every penny if we do say so ourselves. The five-star rating says it all, doesn’t it? The rave reviews have us wanting to purchase our own set and they are too funny. This one is our absolute favorite: “Nice package, images are clear. Very cute. I bought this for my 27-year-old son who watched reruns with me and knows the theme song by heart. This is a secret of course…”

This 27-year-old son sounds just like our kids. They love the show, too, but they don’t want anyone to know! We wish that they would shout it from the rooftops. This is a party and we will be inviting everyone that we know! The real fans know what we are talking about.