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While there are some who may decry the influence that organized sports have on our society, there is no denying their awesomeness. Sports allow us to come together for a common cause, whether we are playing on the same team or merely rooting for them. It is easy for people to forget how great the special moments can be and this video serves as a valuable reminder.

The clip that you are about to see took place at a recent soccer game. If you are someone who watches soccer on a regular basis, you already know how heated the games can get on both sides.

Photo: TikTok/@ollierussellgk

After all, it is the one sport where it is perfectly acceptable to stop in the middle of the game and start an argument with the referee because you don’t agree with the call. We are happy to inform you that nothing like that happened here.

Youth sports provide our children with a great outlet. They are able to compete with one another and have a safe, friendly environment. In many instances, lifelong bonds are formed as a result. Just ask all of the people you know that are still buddies with the people that they played basketball or football with back in the day. They would love to talk about it!

Photo: TikTok/@ollierussellgk

This game was a particularly close one. It was coming down to the wire and in the final minute, the game was still tied at 2. Of course, both teams were going hard and doing their best to break the tie. They’re just kids but they are already so skilled.

When one child had a big chance to score the winning goal, they probably thought that this goalie would be easy pickings. Ollie was not having any of it whatsoever. She made one of the most amazing saves that you are ever going to see, whether we are talking about a youth sports star or the professionals.

Photo: TikTok/@ollierussellgk

Once she makes the stop that preserves the tie, her teammate immediately shows his appreciation for all of her hard work. He wraps her up in a big hug!

These are the things that you are not going to see in a professional game and that’s why we have to cherish the moments when they come along. The child’s reaction to the amazing save was so pure and innocent, we cannot stop watching this clip.


Amazing last minute save to keep the draw. Even got up quick to boot it clear. @Kaliaaer with the grip 💪 #goalkeeper #goalkeeping

♬ original sound – Ollie Russell GK + Dad