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When it comes to arts and crafts, glue reigns supreme. Who remembers arts and crafts as a kid?

Besides glue coming in clutch to many of the different projects that we worked on, it was also a source of entertainment itself.

Photo: Unsplash/Scott Sanker

I’m sure there are many of us who, as kids, would spread glue over our hands and let it dry so we could then peel it off. I don’t know why that was so entertaining, but it was practically a right of passage for many of us. Did you even have a childhood if you didn’t do that at least once during arts and crafts?

But for many teachers who use glue in their classrooms, clogged glue caps can be a pretty common issue. No matter how many times teachers might try to remind their students to close the caps when they’re done, kids still tend to forget.

Photo: pxfuel

Rather than having to constantly verbalize it, there is a cute trick that teachers can use to help get kids to properly close their lids, and all it requires is a sharpie.

Essentially, you just draw a little smiley face on the bottle! You put the two eyes on the orange cap, while the smile is drawn onto the white cap rim. That way, when it’s not closed, the smiley face isn’t complete. When it closed all the way you will know because it will make a complete smiley face.

Mrs B Teaches Me shared the hack on Facebook:

You can even have fun with your students or kids by giving the glue cap a name and getting them to want to close the lid right. Can’t hurt, right?

At least you’ll (hopefully) never have to deal with sticky and clogged glue lids ever again.

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