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TikTok is filled with all sorts of life hacks and tips. Thanks to the app, a lot of people are learning new things they never would’ve known otherwise! And it’s all thanks to TikTok users like @rominagafur.

She shared a hack for how to actually use a gift bag and, apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong.
The video quickly went viral and amassed over 8 million views, 1.5 million likes, and nearly 10,000 comments.

Photo: Unsplash

In the clip, she claims that gift bags can be easily closed. While most people leave the bags open and use decorative tissue paper to hide the gifts, it’s actually possible to close the bags and all you have to do is tie them shut.

Photo: TikTok/rominagafur

How to do this is to start by feeding the handles of the bag into one another. If you are able to thread the handles into the opposite side of the bag, this creates a locking mechanism of sorts that keeps it shut. In essence, the hack is supposed to eliminate the need for the use of decorative paper. Instead, the bag is wrapped up by the makeshift lock, allowing you to give gifts with ease.

Photo: TikTok/rominagafur

Naturally, TikTok was torn. Some thought that it was a great idea, others were not so easy to convince. That’s social media for you! Everyone has a take on this and we understand why. Gift wrapping is one of the most cumbersome aspects of the holidays (or birthdays or any other special occasion), but stuffing tissue in gift bags can also be annoying. However, some people in the comments were convinced the hack was the “wrong way” to do things. Hey, as long as it works, what’s it matter what’s right or wrong?


You are using gift bags wrong!!

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We’ll definitely be trying this hack! What do you think of it? Will you try it? Let us know!

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