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There are many upgrades we might do to the home, but one that often makes the biggest difference is upgrading the floors. It doesn’t matter if we are upgrading a hardwood floor or some nice Berber carpet, it’s going to add personality to the home and may even add to the value.

As a part of the process of replacing the floors, we need to remove the old floor, and when that happens, it is like taking a step back in time. There may even be times when we uncover an old floor that is better than what we are planning on putting down.

Photo: Unsplash

I don’t know if that is the case in the following scenario, but they did uncover something amazing.

Yamaha234 is a Redditor whose family was doing such a home improvement project. They ripped up the carpet and what they found underneath was a painted Monopoly board.

Photo: Reddit/Yamaha234

The board covered the entire length and width of the room and had all of the iconic squares included. They had no idea it was under the carpet, as it was painted by a previous homeowner.

As the comments came in on Reddit, it was learned that it was actually popular to paint the floor with a board game back in the 1950s in that area. Not everybody did it, and that has been quite some time ago so it is somewhat lost to history.

Photo: flickr/Neil Turner

So this leads to an interesting question; what did they decide to do with the Monopoly board? Yamaha234 is doing their best to convince the family to cover the board with epoxy and allow it to be a feature in the home, according to a comment they shared.

What do you think of the giant Monopoly board floor? Would you keep it in your house?

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