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This is one of the coolest videos that we have seen in some time. It’s like having the chance to take a closer look at a nuclear device but the scale is a bit smaller.

This one comes to us courtesy of the channel Microscope Photography (@closeintel). They are well known for providing fun and awesome videos that give us the chance to take a look under the microscope.

Photo: Instagram/@closeintel

On top of being fun to watch, these videos are also very educational. We like to watch them with our children.

Now, you will have the chance to check out this amazing video for yourself. If you have ever wondered what will happen to germs when they are given the chance to duke it out with some rubbing alcohol, this is the video for you.

Photo: Instagram/@closeintel

It’s the sort of thing that makes us wonder what we have been missing out on this whole time. When we were in high school and dealing with slides on a regular basis, we did not have access to this type of technology. It certainly would have made science class a heck of a lot more interesting, if we do say so ourselves.

There’s a reason why this has become one of our favorite Instagram accounts already. Content like this does not come along every day.

Photo: Instagram/@closeintel

We are greatly enjoying watching this battle and we hope that we get to see some more like this soon. Perhaps this should become more of a regular thing. These battles could become part of a weekly series.

Kudos to these scientists for providing us with the chance to see something this amazing. If you are anything like us, you are absolutely blown away.

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