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With the way that gas prices continue to rise, we want to see more and more stories like this one, if we are being 100 percent honest. When this gas station posted a sign on their door offering cheap gas for those who were willing to do a silly dance, they never could have expected the reaction that they would receive. It was a brilliant idea that turned out better than anyone could have hoped.

“Today only do a silly dance walking in. If we like it – $5 gas free on us. $10 if we REALLY like it,” the sign read.

Photo: TikTok/@goodnewscorrespondent

It was not long before people started taking them up on the offer. The results are absolutely priceless. The world really can become a better place if we are willing to take ourselves a bit less seriously.

These people committed to the bit so thoroughly, you would have thought that they had advance notice and prepared at home. Of course, the skeptics will point out that word probably spread about the sign and people really did have a chance to come up with their dances ahead of time. That does not make this story any less awesome to us, okay?

Photo: TikTok/@goodnewscorrespondent

This video was shared by @gasstationantics on TikTok, but TikTok pulled the video without explanation.

Prior to it being removed, you could enjoy some top tier antics. The men are the ones who seemed most willing to make a fool out of themselves, which was enough to send us into hysterics.

Photo: TikTok/@goodnewscorrespondent

The silliness is off the charts here and we have loved every second of it. You are guaranteed to laugh hysterically at what you are about to see.

Thankfully, the video was reposted by a few other TikTok accounts so you can still check it out below:


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Would you bust out some dance moves for a discount on gas? Let us know!