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Children of the ’90s, this is our time to shine. A popular snack from our childhood is making its way back into the spotlight and for good reason.

Fruit Roll-Ups are back on the front street, thanks to an awesome video from this TikTok user. Golnar Ghavami, who goes by @golisdream on the app, is the one who is putting everyone onto this amazing hack.

Photo: TikTok/@golisdream

Golnar is using the Fruit Roll-Up to create a wholly new sweet treat that is sure to make those with sensitive teeth shudder a bit. The clip has gotten over 13 million views and we can see why. Golnar starts the clip by breaking out a carton of mango ice cream. There is no way that we would have ever been able to predict what would happen next.

Once she has the ice cream in hand, that is where things get really crazy. She takes a strawberry-flavored Roll-Up and places a scoop of ice cream inside of it.

Photo: TikTok/@golisdream

We never would have thought of this but that’s true genius for you. She thought of an idea that no one else would come up with and now she is kind enough to share it with the rest of the world.

Mango and strawberry would not seem to be natural partners but what do we know? She seems to be enjoying her treat a lot.

Photo: TikTok/@golisdream

The snack does not appear to have been frozen, so we are guessing that the Roll-Up was at room temperature before the ice cream was added to the equation. The most shocking thing for us was the crunchiness.

You would not think that these two snacks mixed together would cause a crunch but that’s where we are wrong. While the Roll-Up is known for being easy to fold, Golnar noticed that the ice cream causes the whole mixture to become hard.


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This is what provides her with the added crunch. “I love the combination of mango and strawberry and I love the crunch,” she says.

“I gasped! Didn’t expect the crunch factor! Wow! Thank you!” replied one happy viewer.


I heard this is trending again 😜 strawberry fruit roll up & vanilla ice cream 😎 #fruitrollup #frozenfruitrollup #snack #candy #asmr #icecream

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Meanwhile, another viewer pointed out that this snack is actually very similar to mochi, which is big in Japan.

Where do you stand on this snack?