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Now that the weather has started to turn and it is time to close our pools, the cold weather appreciators are here to speak their piece.

Of course, we are firmly in the “summer is the best season” camp. All of that is neither here nor there, though. We are here to appreciate this windshield. Yes, you read that correctly, we are here to appreciate a windshield.

Photo: flickr/Infrogmation of New Orleans

So, what is it about this windshield that is so awesome? We thought that you would never ask. When this man shared a picture of his windshield, he never could have expected that it would strike such a chord with the rest of the internet. The windshield is covered in ice and when you take a quick glance, it looks like something out of a movie.

The comments say it all. “Fully thought it was a photo of a glacier with a canoe in front of it in the water,” said one viewer.

Photo: flickr/Ivan Radic

The one that made us laugh the hardest centered on the idea that people were actually kayaking in these glaciers. That’s how this picture looks when it has been cropped up. Once you pan out, the true origin of the photo comes into play.

If you are wondering who the people in the boat are (according to the commentators), that is an easy answer. They are actually small toys that this man had in his car to begin with. These little toys look just like birds and this only adds to the surreal nature of the scene that was created here.

My frozen windscreen from confusing_perspective

“I got them from capsule toy machines in Japan. Birdnana, Bert & Anna,” the man said in the comments. His name is Liam and we are glad that he was willing to share this one with us.

Winter is coming and the inside of our vehicles might look like his soon enough.

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