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We have all experienced the following moment: You’re putting the food away after a meal and wrapping up the leftovers with plastic wrap for safekeeping. It should be a simple task, but the plastic wrap ends up sticking to itself more than the container!

This is when most of us will decide to toss it out for good. After all, no one wants to be left to figure out how to untangle this awful mess. But, thanks to TikTok user @officialtiktoknurse, this can be a problem of the past.

As it turns out, the solution to the common plastic wrap problem is easier to come by than we may have originally thought.

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“BRUH. DO IT ITS LIFE CHANGING,” she said. So what’s the hack that has her all excited? Apparently, her aunt happened to be over at her house when she saw her struggling with plastic wrap.

“You know Saran Wrap is supposed to go in the freezer right?” she asked.

Tara was as confused as us. But, she placed it in the freezer overnight, and voila! All of the sticky, bunchy problems with Saran Wrap were gone. The wrap might adhere a bit still but the cold makes it much easier for us to pull the wrap off itself and put it where it’s supposed to go!

Check out the clip for yourself:


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While we are not scientists, we are going to make one small assumption here: The freezing of the plastic wrap probably works wonders when it comes to removing the moisture.

This is a trick that we are going to be implementing in our homes from now on! Do you store your plastic wrap in the freezer?