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When it comes to the most important inventions of all time, fire is probably at the top of the list. Sliced bread would have to be way up there, too. Boxed wine might not make a lot of people’s top five in this regard, but it is very important nonetheless. Boxed wine allows us to store larger quantities without having to endure the skunked out taste that fridge storage tends to cause.

Franzia is our best friend because they have helped us through so many of the hard times. Lost jobs, break ups, tough days, Franzia has a wine for any mood that you may be in. Best of all, they now have a backpack that you need to add to your collection. We have been taking a closer look at their newest merchandise and it is a must-have. These backpacks definitely go into the “need” category.

Their online store is a great place to visit and we have spent a lot of time perusing their wares. The “Franz For Life” cups are perfect for your next game of wine pong. Sip slowly, though. We all know that wine has a way of catching up with you before you have a chance to know what hit you. If you have a BFF who also loves to drink wine, their boxed wine charm friendship necklaces are a great gift idea.

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From sweatshirts to jewelry, Franzia has the gear fans are after. Thank you @foodandwine for including @franziawines in your article, "Boxed Wine Icon Franzia Has a Merch Shop that Sells a Wine-Dispensing Backpack." Head to the link in bio to read the full story. Image via #client . . . #Franzia #FranziaWines #FranzforLife #FranzFriday #wine #winetime #PRagency #PublicRelations #PR101

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These items are nice and all. The backpack is the true gem of this store. It will hold a box of your favorite Franzia with no problem at all. The bags can be yours for just $32, as well. That’s a steal of a deal if we ever heard one. The backpacks even come with a special opening, where you can place your wine spout.

This allows you to dispense plenty of wine during your favorite outdoor activities. For some of you, that may involve a hike in the woods or something a bit more active. For others, “outdoor activity” means sitting in a comfortable chair outdoors with a glass of wine. It’s your choice and we will not judge.

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Have you ever imagined of a scenario whereby, your backpack is 🍷 wine, instead of a wine bottle being in the backpack🤔! 🔌🎥📸 we are hooked for life already. A journey of love that begun in the 1900's from Italy to California with Teresa Carrara & Giuseppe Franzia. The couple begun a wine venture by purchasing 8acres of land to develop their vineyard in the central valley of California. In the 1920's the wine business was greatly impacted by bad economy, making Giuseppe return to Italy on early retirement. However, this did not stop Teresa from taking charge by taking a $60,000 loan & partnering with his 5 sons to create, 'The Franzia Brothers Winery'. Since then it has been an American Success Story. (📸🔌 @franziawines have been producing wine over 100 years now. Moreover, they are up to date with current affairs on trends & technology. They not only offer fancy backpack accessories but have apparels of different kinds, (Franzia boxer shorts, Franzia Lovers Tank, Franzia One Piece Swimsuit & Franzia Board Shorts). #Franziawines #americanwine #italianroots #vineyard #lifestylejournalist🔌📸 #Vazinetworkmedia🔌📸🎥

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We are all friends here, as long as the Franzia is flowing. Take a closer look at the website, to find out more about all of the awesome deals that they have to offer. In the meantime, we are going to be stocking up on all sorts of goodies. Happy shopping, everyone!