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When it comes to Christmas decorations, not all are the same. While most like to go for traditional decorations, there are some people who lean more towards the hilarious and unique. And nothing exemplifies this better than Frank the Christmas Gargoyle.

So one of my neighbors left me a note informing me that my gargoyle statue is “not appropriate” and “not in keeping…

Posted by Frank the Christmas Gargoyle on Saturday, December 12, 2020

Perhaps one of the most popular Christmas decorations to grace social media, Frank the Christmas Gargoyle even has his own Facebook page! Prior to going viral online, Frank the Christmas Gargoyle was just another regular gargoyle who was sitting on someone’s porch – until he started getting dressed up for Christmas, making him look silly.

The funny-looking gargoyle rose to fame after a neighbor complained that he wasn’t “keeping with the Christmas spirit.” The neighbor had left a note for Frank’s owner, stating that the gargoyle wasn’t fitting with the holiday theme and then the owner proceeded to put a Santa hat on Frank.

Thus began a whole back and forth between neighbors as Frank’s owner started to pile on other ridiculously non-Christmas items. Each item was then given a brief holiday makeover, like a cat skeleton wearing a Santa hat, or a sign that had a photo from the movie, “Die Hard.” The more creative Frank’s owner got, the more the other neighbor threatened to report them to the Home Owner’s Association.

Okay, this one is by special request. I don’t wade into the “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie debate, but I imagine…

Posted by Frank the Christmas Gargoyle on Saturday, December 12, 2020

But that only spurred Frank’s owner on more. And that is when the hippos moved in. The neighbor was not impressed and left Frank’s owner a note that read, “hippos have nothing to do with Christmas,” to which Frank’s owner replied with, “hippos are Christmas AF.” And while we’re not quite sure about that, we think it’s hilarious anyway.

I had an early morning dentist appointment and needed to go to the grocery, so it was dark when I put out today’s…

Posted by Frank the Christmas Gargoyle on Saturday, December 12, 2020

Perhaps the funniest thing to come out of the dispute and porch display is the Christmas plague doctor with rats – very much appropriate given the year that it has been with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa isn’t Santa without his elves, and a plague doctor isn’t a plague doctor without his rats. We all know it’s the…

Posted by Frank the Christmas Gargoyle on Sunday, December 13, 2020

So, gargoyles, hippos, and plague rats – oh my! The HOA will definitely be having fun with this one should the neighbor follow through with their threat to report Frank’s owner for their taste in decorations. But personally, I’m living for the creativity.

What do you think of the Christmas porch display? How day you normally decorate? Let us know!

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