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There are certain tasks that have us ready to give up every time. If you are anything like us, hanging up pictures on the wall is high up on that list.

It’s a deceptively simple task that always ends up befuddling us, but what can you do? It’s the sort of thing that needs to be done, regardless of whether we want to or not. Fortunately, this man is here to provide us with all of the help that we need.

Photo: Pexels/Tim Gouw

It’s a hack for the ages and you need to take a closer look as soon as possible. Making sure that a picture is hung evenly and that all of the necessary marking and measuring is handled can be a huge pain. That’s why this man is here to help. Otherwise, we would never want to hang up another picture again in our lives.

We tend up nicking the nail with the picture initially but we tend to come up clean once it is time to hang. That’s where this helpful hack will certainly come into play.

Photo: Twitter/@ValaAfshar

The hack that this man has to offer is a genius one because it will allow our readers to avoid all of the usual pitfalls that tend to take place.

@ValaAfshar is the Twitter user who has decided to come to our collective result and we are forever in debt to him now. The video has gone viral and for good reason.

Photo: Twitter/@ValaAfshar

We see him hammering in the nail to start but the hack starts to take place when he decides to grab a dinner fork. Do not worry about the specific fork, as any will do.

He then takes the prongs and puts them down over the nail. This leaves the handle sticking out, pointing toward the person that is responsible for hanging up the photo. The process looks funny but trust us, it is brilliant. Hold the photo in front of the nail, take the hook and slide it from the picture down and over and down the fork.

From there, the wire is always going to land in the best spot to hang up the photo, without fail, each and every time.

It’s one of the coolest things that we have ever seen.