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If you were to line up 100 people and ask all of them what their favorite food was, you would probably hear more people say pizza than any other type of food. It just seems to be the instant feel-good food and the good news is, you don’t even have to leave home to get it. Pizza goes with everything, regardless of whether you are binge watching Netflix or having friends over for a fun evening.

Something else that is interesting about pizza delivery is that you can choose from so many different options. Are you somebody who avoids gluten? There’s an option for it! There is also an endless variety of options as far as toppings are concerned. You can even choose a vegan pizza, and in some cases, dairy-free. There are so many choices it blows the mind.

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A small collection of our pizza boxes 🍕(26x26x4, 29x29x4, 33x33x4, 50x50x5) #pizzabox #packaging #gastronomy #bonpack

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There is one thing that most of us appreciate about pizza, but not in the same way. I’m talking about the pizza that is left over.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why we would have anything against leftover pizza because it is just awesome. The problem is, it comes in a pizza box that is so huge, it usually doesn’t fit in the refrigerator.

That is where TikTok comes in. Somebody was kind enough to show the world just how you can fit a gigantic pizza box into the common refrigerator. You don’t have to waste aluminum foil or Ziploc bags in the process.

It comes from TikTok user nateandgran who was able to transform a pizza box into a leftover container in front of our very eyes. The beauty of it is that it only took a few seconds to do it.


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We can’t verify that all pizza boxes are equipped to do this, but we can say that specific boxes do seem to have this ability. Some of the users were commenting that the video shows a “smart box.” If that is the case, we really need to get more pizzerias on board with this idea.

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