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Tom Scott was on location in Germany when he decided to embark on an amazing adventure. He went kayaking down the Elbe river to the Mittelkanal in Hamburg to check out one of the most incredible fast food inventions that we have ever seen.

It’s called the McBoat and it seems like something out of a fever dream that we had once (it’s totally real, though).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It is currently the only “float through” McDonald’s that exists in the entire world. No, the restaurant itself is not floating, before you even think to ask the question. We are not sure how that would even be feasible anyway.

However, the McBoat does allow those who are traveling by water to stop by and place an order. It’s like something out of a fairy tale if we are being more accurate.

The person can float up, place the order and the rest is handled by the restaurant. The order is brought out to those who are waiting on the water.

Frischer Film provided an ad for the restaurant that is well worth checking out, as well:

We would love to plan our next trip to McDonald’s by boat, so we need to plan accordingly. It’s not every day that you are given the chance to enjoy McDonald’s out on the water like this.

While we had a tough time wrapping our minds around this one initially, we can see the vision now thanks to Tom Scott. In his video description, he wrote, “On a little canal off the Elbe river in Germany, sits the McBoat: the world’s only paddle-through McDonalds. It seemed like the sort of thing I should investigate.” Check out the video below:

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