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Anthony Stellini of RSR Real Estate in Los Angeles is here to provide us with a closer look at one of the coolest homes that you are ever going to see.

Whether you are a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or you are simply a fan of awesome real estate, this Instagram post is well worth your time. The legendary bassist Flea has quite the home and you won’t believe your eyes.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

This tour is as comprehensive as it gets. This colossal, customized La Crescenta hilltop compound is unlike any home that you have ever seen before. Now, if you are willing to pony up the $8.8 million asking price for this bad boy, it can be yours. We wonder if they will let us set up a payment plan? All jokes aside, this is a home for the ages.

It’s the type of thing that makes you wonder how Flea even came up with the idea. “Currently on the market for $8.8M, the property features a lap pool, movie pavilion, unbeatable views, and 5 bedrooms and baths—across three distinct structures drawing from different architectural styles,” the description reads, which can barely do this residence justice. Imagine having a home that serves as a 3 in 1!

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The views that this place has to offer are out of this world. The bathrooms and bedrooms are massive as well. There are no shortage of amenities to be enjoyed here, as Flea seems to have thought of everything. There’s a movie complex, a Japanese soaking tub for relaxation, and the Johnston Vidal lap pool is also a very nice touch.

A house like this one is certainly befitting of a rock star and we would expect nothing less from Flea. If we had to guess, he’s probably got a pretty sweet setup for watching Lakers road games, too. After all, he can typically be found at all of the home games if he is not out touring.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

A home like this one would seem to only exist in the world of movies but Flea has managed to bring some of our wildest fantasies to life. While we are about $8.8 million short when it comes to the home’s asking price, we are going to start saving our pennies now. Pray for us, please!

Check out the video below to see more of the house: