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Going out for a burger is one of those treats that you just can’t help but look forward to. The perfectly done patties, the special sauces, and the milkshakes all are the kind of indulgences that just make the meal really special. And, most of all, you can’t forget the fries. At Five Guys they take their fries seriously, making them from scratch and they always put a little extra in the bag. Other restaurant chains sometimes don’t even give you a full cup. So, what gives? Why does Five always give people extra fries?

Five Guys food
Via: Mike Fleming/Flickr

They cut their own fries from fresh potatoes, and you may have seen the giant bags of taters lining the hallways and entrances, depending on the layout of the location. Their fries are never frozen.

The world-famous potatoes are then double fried in peanut oil for a one-of-a-kind flavor. Then they’re seasoned well before being scooped into those white cups. But, no matter what size you order there’s always extra in the bag. Since you can’t order food on an eat-in tray and everything comes take-out style, this ensures that every single customer gets extra fries.

Five Guys food
Via: Danielle York/Flickr

They give those extra fries so that customers will feel like they’re getting a good deal. Jerry Murrell, who founded Five Guys in 1986, has said that it’s always better to have people getting too many fries than to have them get too few.

Instead of complaining about skimpy portions, customers usually complain about the excess, which is exactly how Murrell wants it. He’s mentioned in training sessions that if customers don’t complain then there’s not enough fries being dumped into the bag.

Five Guys food
Via: Rob Speed/Flickr

But, as it turns out there’s a secret as to how the chain can afford to always give out extra. Find out how they do it in the video below.

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