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Everyone loves a good burger. But everyone also has a different preference as to how the burger should be cooked. Some people prefer well-done over others who would rather it medium-rare. Of course, these burger cooking preferences are all contingent on where you end up getting your burger from.

Most restaurants or diners will inquire about your preference for your burger’s “doneness.” But have you ever noticed that when you go to Five Guys, it all comes out the same way? And while the chain is well-known for letting you tailor your burger’s toppings, there is one thing that they never give you a choice in – how your burger meat is cooked. Five Guys’ burgers are always well done.

Photo: flickr

While the restaurant has never officially stated why they do this, there are a few theories that are circulating as to why Five Guys always produces well-done burgers.

According to Yahoo!finance, one Five Guys representative did admit that all of their 1,500 locations will always cook their meat to the same level of completion: well done. The most popular theory for this is also the most obvious: food safety. There are certain health risks associated with consuming undercooked meat, such as E. coli and salmonella poisoning.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), beef should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be considered safe to consume. And according to the RFiD Journal, back in 2016, all the Five Guys locations in North America installed temperature sensors to be able to be sure that all their food was being cooked to safe temperatures.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another theory circulating the well done burgers is that it is a timesaving method. By cooking all burgers the same, everything is kept at uniform precision across the country at all Five Guys locations. Of course, they do leave room for plenty of creativity with their multiple toppings that you can use to customize your burger to your tastes.

What do you think about Five Guys burgers? Do you have any theories as to why they’re all made well-done? Let us know!

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