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A notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration is alerting us to a recall of Gerber baby formula. The product is being recalled due to the possibility it was shipped while contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Dozens of retailers were involved in a March recall, which focused on specific lots of Perrigo’s Gerber Good Start SoothePro powdered infant formula. The formula was manufactured in Wisconsin, at the company’s manufacturing facility.

Photo: Pexels/Anna Shvets

A warning notice was also given by Associated Wholesale Grocers Inc., more recently after it was determined that certain recalled lots were shipped to some of their supermarkets. Some of the states involved in that shipment were Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

More specifically, the stores where some of the potentially contaminated formula was shipped included:

Bellview Price Cutter
Booneville Shopwise
Campbell’s Market
Camron’s Foodliner
Cash Saver
Chappell’s Hometown
Country Mart
Food City
Food Giant
Food World
Woodruff’s Supermarket

Photo: Flickr/ajay_suresh License: CC BY 2.0

If you purchased any Gerber Formula and are concerned that it may be contaminated, you should compare it with the affected lot codes. If you have a potentially contaminated batch, throw it away.

The good news is, none of the tested products have come back positive for Cronobacter sakazakii, the suspected bacteria associated with the recall.

Photo: Flickr/nerissa’s ring License: CC BY 2.0

The CDC states when children under one year old get a Cronobacter infection, it is “often linked to powdered infant formula.”

Such an infection is rare but can be fatal in babies.