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If there’s one thing that all of us know about visiting theme parks, it’s the fact that it is expensive. Regardless of whether you are eating food, riding the rides, or shopping, you are sure to open your wallet far more often than you would like.

If you haven’t felt the pain of this personally, you can live vicariously through Miranda Pearce.

Photo: TikTok/@mirandapearcemindset

She flew to the Orlando area to enjoy a day at Universal Studios, but she got more than she bargained for.

The marketing expert from the UK wanted to show us all exactly what she spent, so she kept track of everything and made a now-viral TikTok video. It starts out with the words:

“The cost of 1 day at Universal Studios.”

Photo: TikTok/@mirandapearcemindset

She then went on to break down the price of what they spent on everything. It included…

  • $483.66 – Tickets
  • $396 – Fast Passes
  • $62.79 – Lunch
  • $42.60 – Souvenirs
  • $36.39 – Dinner
  • $27 – Parking
  • $21.79 – Breakfast
  • $19.76 – Ice Cream
  • $19.16 – Drinks
  • $4.25 – Coffee
  • That’s the long and short of it but she also said that it did not include tips.

    Photo: TikTok/@mirandapearcemindset

    Many people were shocked when they saw how much a family of four had to spend on a single day in the park.

    Some began comparing it to some of the other things they could’ve done with the money, such as going away for a week and renting a villa.


    That’s not even including tips 😳💲 #universalstudiosflorida #familydaysout #florida #vacationcosts #medicalaesthetics

    ♬ original sound – Miranda Pearce

    I guess I should start saving now for next year’s vacation.

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