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There is so much to love about the summer that it is difficult to pin it on any single activity. Then again, if we happen to have a pool in the backyard, I’m sure that that will make the list.

Having a pool means that you don’t have to get hot and sweaty before you finally decide to go somewhere with water. Quite simply, you can just walk out your back door and dive into the cool refreshing depths of your own pool. If you happen to have that option, then you probably also put a lot of thought into the swimming pool when you were designing it.

Of course, some families have the swimming pool in the yard when they buy the home and others will simply opt for a rectangle shape. Getting a little creative, however, can really make you enjoy the pool all that much more, and nobody knows that better than Brittany Rogers. Brittany lives with her husband, Cody, in Pasadena, Texas. The husband and wife, along with their 2 children, enjoy a very unique swimming pool and, of course, they love Texas!

Photo: YouTube / KHOU 11

When they decided to put the swimming pool in, they didn’t necessarily agree on it. Cody wasn’t keen on the idea but Brittany absolutely wanted one. A compromise came in, and he said if they were going to install a swimming pool, it wasn’t going to be just a hole in the ground.

What would you think about a swimming pool that was a rectangle, a circle, or perhaps a kidney shape? You would probably think that it is what all swimming pools look like, but that thought is about to change. When the Rogers family put a pool in their backyard, they made it in the shape of Texas.

The pool is large, holding about 30,000 gallons. The shape makes it very unique, but there are other unique features that make the pool even better. For example, the Panhandle is actually a hot tub, and in West Texas, there are 3 water features.

They also added some underwater lights to make the pool glow dark blue. They can enjoy parties and the beauty of the pool, whether they get into it or not.

Check out the video of the pool below:

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