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There are certain illusions that make us wonder how anyone can possibly solve them without wanting to tear their hair out.

This is quite the sight exam and we are going to warn you now, only the truly eagle-eyed are going to be able to handle it. The objective here is a very simple one: You have to identify the real candy and this can be hard to discern.

Photo: TikTok/@myart1979

It’s the sort of thing that will drive people crazy but we have the utmost faith in you. Of all the optical illusions that we have shared with you over the years, this might be one of the toughest.

It seems like these illusions get tougher and tougher to handle on a daily basis. “Can you spot the drawing?” the clip challenges and it was initially uploaded by Kevin D (TikTok user @myart1979).

Photo: TikTok/@myart1979

He loves to post clips that showcase his amazing illustration skills. To say that his man can draw would be the understatement of the century. There are six gummy soda bottles in the clip and viewers have to decide which ones are real within a 10-second period.

The task keeps evolving and the whole thing reminds us of a house of mirrors. The fake ones are so hard to find, aren’t they? If you are not seeing anything, this is a common issue and we urge you to stick with it. Kevin is more than happy to help out. He takes all of the real treats and they are swept away by his paintbrush.

Photo: TikTok/@myart1979

Wait until you see what happens from there!

As it turns out, the image that you initially saw in the lower left-hand corner was actually the fake candy. While there were some who found this optical illusion to be very easy to solve, there were others who did not have such a simple time with it. The comment section is full of these types of disputes.


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We cannot stop laughing. “It’s a little lighter so it was kind of easy,” said one of the viewers who was able to solve the puzzle. “I didn’t pick it because I thought it was too obvious,” said another, who believed that Kevin was using reverse psychology to try and trick the audience.

Were you able to find the fake? Let us know!

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