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Technically, McDonald’s doesn’t offer “Espresso Milkshakes,” but that’s where the secret menu comes in.

TikTok user @melika_zaidi shared a hack for ordering one of the delicious drinks and you have to try it for yourself!

Photo: TikTok/melika_zaidi

“Next time you’re at McDonald’s you have to try this,” she said in the video. In the video, she ordered an espresso, and then she ordered a vanilla milkshake. From there, she simply poured the espresso into her shake, and then she shook it up.

Photo: TikTok/melika_zaidi
Photo: TikTok/melika_zaidi

That’s it! It was that easy and it tastes incredible.

There is only one catch here that we can think of: The milkshake machine at McDonald’s always seems to be broken every time that we stop by. Consider this a fair warning, Mickey D’s! We want our shakes and we want them now.

Watch the TikTok video below:


We weren’t disappointed ✌🏻#mcdonalds #fyp #milkshake #satisfying #viralvideo #starbucks

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