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If you are anything like us, you have long fantasized about dining among the clouds. It’s a worthy goal, for sure (and a lofty one, of course)!

Now, thanks to the help of Disney, you just may be able to make these dreams come true at long last. They’re launching a new restaurant at Epcot, Space 220, and it sounds out of this world.

Photo: flickr/Steven Miller

For starters, the celestial panoramic view is perfect for dinner time gazing. Those who are already familiar with this location will recognize this new restaurant as part of an expansion of the Mission: SPACE attraction.

The experience will begin when you check into the Space 220 Departure Lounge in Future World. From there, the “Space Elevator” arrives and that’s where things get truly “spacey.”

The elevator pretends to take visitors 220 miles into the air. The park gets smaller and smaller as you rise above the planet. Soon, you will arrive at the Centaur Space Station. The dining area is cast in a purple hue, to really drive home the feel.

In addition to seeing the views of the world below, you’ll also see “a variety of work and leisure activities taking place beyond the windows.”

Photo: TikTok/disneyparks

The Disney Park Blogs is sharing the info about this location and we are eating up every minute of it. We saw a sneak peek video, which was awesome.

The restaurant looks just like the inside of a spaceship (or at least what we would expect the inside of a spaceship to look like). We do not know anything about the delicacies that are going to be served here yet, but the blog post described it as “upscale, contemporary fare” paired with plenty of drinks, from “fine wine to atmospheric cocktails and more.”


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We can’t wait to visit!

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