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Our readers might remember the feta pasta trend on TikTok that caused many stores to run out of the popular cheese. Now, there is a new food trend that has taken the app by storm. You are definitely going to want to read on and learn more. This meal hack looks delicious, is deceptively simple and is sure to capture the attention of many.

Emily Mariko is responsible for the recipe. As a food and fashion influencer, she is accustomed to providing amazing recipes. In fact, she’s already amassed well over two million followers on TikTok because of the awesome hacks that she has to share.

Photo: Unsplash/Caroline Attwood

This particular recipe is already blowing up and for very good reason. We are all looking for easy meals to make each day.

One of the hardest parts of life is coming up with something different to prepare each day. We get to see Mariko pile the salmon onto the plate and add plenty of precooked rice. Once the rice and fish have been assembled, she puts an ice cube on top of the meal. A plate cover is also used, as she prepares to place the dish in the microwave.

Photo: TikTok/emilymariko

The ice cube had a lot of people wondering what she was doing. Why would you place an ice cube on top of a plate of fish and rice? While some commentators were initially puzzled, the reasoning is simple. The ice cube is used as a means of lightly steaming the rice while the food is in the microwave.

As soon as the food is finished, Mariko adds a few more toppings. Soy sauce, mayo, and Sriracha make for a tasty dish. We were highly intrigued as soon as we saw these condiments.

Photo: TikTok/emilymariko

The plate is stirred up and served with a side of avocado and kimchi.

If you can resist this meal once she is done preparing it, you are better than us, that is for sure. “Best lunch of the week,” her caption says. This is not an official recipe by any stretch but that does not make us any less excited to try it out.

Watch the video below to see how she makes it:


Best lunch of the week!

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