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Lenny McNaughton is a very special eight-year-old boy. Like many young boys, he has affection for his family, but he wanted to show it, especially for his Aunt Steph.

He painted a portrait of his aunt and then entered it into an art competition. At first, he kept it a secret, but he wanted to reveal it to her when everything lined up perfectly.

Photo: Instagram/@cre8ive_lenny

Little did he realize that he would be a finalist in the Young Archie competition and his painting would be shown alongside the Archibald Prize show.

The time was now right to reveal his secret.

Lenny took his aunt on a tour of the exhibit, but he didn’t let her know about the painting. Fortunately, we are able to go along with a video that was posted on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/@cre8ive_lenny

You can see Aunt Steph looking through the gallery and browsing the wall but suddenly, something looks familiar. She exclaims “That looks like me,” but it isn’t long before she realizes it actually is her!

She was then told that her eight-year-old nephew, Lenny, had painted it. The two of them give a warm hug and then she learns that he is actually a finalist in the competition.

Photo: Instagram/@cre8ive_lenny

She read the caption on the card in front of the work out loud. It said: “Auntie Steph is a very favorite person because she makes my day brighter. She makes everything fun. Auntie Steph grows her own sunflowers in her backyard [and] gives them to people to make them happy. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.”

Unfortunately, Lenny didn’t win the competition but he was able to show just how much talent he has. Some are even referring to him as Van Gogh Junior.

One thing is certain, Lenny will continue to create, and we will be there to enjoy it. Check out the video below: