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TikTok user Britney (who goes by @too_la_brit_to_quit on the app) is here to share quite the amazing find with the audience at home. It is the sort of thing that you will have to see in order to truly believe.

We have never seen anything like this before in our entire lives. Can you believe that she cracked one egg open, only to find another one inside of it that is fully formed?

Photo: TikTok/@too_la_brit_to_quit

How on earth did she manage to come across this sort of find? For starters, she is a farmer who is more than happy to provide a glimpse into her daily routine. Viewers are given the chance to find out everything that they want to know about her farm work. She also provides us with adorable videos that showcase her dog and her husband.

As someone who raises chickens, she is regularly coming across irregular eggs but this one takes the cake.

Photo: TikTok/@too_la_brit_to_quit

In this video, she finds an egg that is much larger than the usual ones that she comes across. When her husband cracks it open to make breakfast, this is when they make the discovery.

“We cracked the biggest egg from our chickens and look what we found,” Britney wrote in the video.

At first, everything looks normal and the breakfast is proceeding as planned. Near as we can tell, the egg is just a bit bigger than the usual ones.

Photo: TikTok/@too_la_brit_to_quit

Once the egg has been opened up a bit further, we can now see the difference for ourselves. There are actually two yolks!

This is not even the most shocking moment, though. The egg is turned over onto the pan and you get to see the two yolks sizzling. From there, these yolks are followed by a second massive egg. The shell is still intact.

“There’s an egg in my egg!” says Britney’s husband, as he starts laughing in surprise. The new egg is cracked and now there are three yolks!


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Viewers at home were spellbound, as other farmers chimed in about the unlikeliness of this occurrence. “We get a lot of double yolks in our chicken eggs but have never seen that. Pretty cool!” said one viewer.

It’s the sort of video that you will need to watch a few times in order to truly believe it. We have seen it a few times ourselves and we are still struggling to wrap our minds around it.