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Photo: Belinda Sol Photography

We’ve seen a lot of maternity photoshoots before, but nothing compares to this one. One proud new mama wiener dog just posed for a photoshoot with her six newborn puppies! The newborns are all wrapped up in a big blanket and individual hats. Mama stands close by in the photo, proudly presenting her new little creations.

The photographer taking the picture is actually the owner of the dachshund who gave birth to these six puppies. She must be so proud as well!

The 6 newborn puppies couldn’t be cuter!

Photo: Belinda Sol Photography

People have been leaving their own comments on the photo and they’re 100% positive all around. One person says, “Adorable 😍😍 I wish I could have one of those little fur babies.” Another says, “Awwww just too much cuteness.” We have to agree! These newborn puppies are just beautiful.

Photo: Belinda Sol Photography

Just look at how snuggly and adorable they are, all wrapped up under that fuzzy white blanket! And they each have a different colored and knitted hat. Like little rainbow babies! Just too precious!

Check out the video below of another maternity photoshoot that was done for a different mama dog. She gave birth to her puppies the following day!

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.