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When General Mills announced that they would be bringing back Dunkaroos, we did not know what to say. It was like our prayers had finally been answered. Now, there are rumors of Dunkaroos cereal making its way to store shelves and our ’90s hearts are about to burst.

According to the rumors, the cereal is said to be “on the way” but there is no set date as of yet.

The news does seem like it could be too good to be true. But, we’ll do our best to keep faith until the truth is revealed one way or another.

In case you didn’t have the privilege of growing up during the 1990s, the Dunkaroo is an elite tier snack. Each of these snack packs comes with two separate sections: one filled with icing and one filled with cookies. General Mills has already brought back their Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting flavor. Yes, it still comes with the rainbow sprinkles.

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From the looks of things, the cereal boxes have been modeled after the snacks that have just returned to stores. If we had to bet, we imagine that the cereal would be vanilla flavored. From what we can tell, this proposed cereal actually looks a lot like the Pillsbury Funfetti variety that is currently making its way into stores as well.

Only time will tell if this cereal can become one of our favorite breakfast options. There is so much competition out there these days. If this rumor does not come true, we are going to have to head up to General Mills ourselves and let them know about the money they are missing out on!

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