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Now that Halloween is right around the corner (seriously), it is time to take a closer look at this video because this man just might be a genius! He came up with a great way to make his pumpkins look extra spooky and we cannot wait to emulate this tactic.

Let’s face it, we are probably going to be stuck inside for Halloween, too. Fun projects like this can make our holiday even more exciting, and you don’t need to be a pumpkin carving expert to participate!

Photo: Youtube / CrazyRussianHacker

To get started, simply grab a bag of water, some dry ice, and a pumpkin. After all, all of the best Halloween decorations incorporate dry ice in some way. We do not have the facts on hand to prove it, but this is science talking, you can’t argue with it.

We do not wish to spoil the surprise result, so you’ll need to check out the video yourself. It is well worth your while, and once you have seen it? You are definitely going to want to make it yourself for Halloween.

Halloween is our favorite holiday, in all honesty. Unlike the other holidays that require us to get dressed up and go spend time with relatives that we barely care about, Halloween is all about decorations and candy. You truly cannot beat it. This year is sure to be a lot of fun, thanks to this awesome tutorial!