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Most people know about the Starbucks’ secret menu that features off-menu drinks. Turns out, Chipotle also has a secret menu!

Thanks to a video shared on TikTok, you can now get “Dragon Sauce” at Chipotle. However, you won’t be able to order it off the menu since it’s not on the menu to begin with.

Photo: TikTok/@domeniciniguez

To get the sauce, you’ll want to place an order for quesadillas from the chain. As experienced Chipotle visitors already know, these quesadillas are only available to those who order takeout.

When you order these quesadillas, you have three different sauce options to choose from. You’ll also have a choice between sour cream, guacamole, and several salsas.

Photo: TikTok/@domeniciniguez

To create the Dragon Salsa, you’ll ask for sour cream and hot salsa.

Mix the two together and you’re good to go!

Photo: TikTok/@domeniciniguez

Watch the TikTok video below:


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