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Fans of Dr. Pepper have been enjoying the beverage since the late 1800s, and the soda manufacturer has been looking for ways to keep them happy.

On Thursday, Blue Bell Ice Cream announced in a tweet the soda company made yet another change by partnering with Blue Bell Ice Cream to create a frozen summer treat.

Photo: Pexels/Brandon Richardson

Dr. Pepper hails from Waco, Texas, and was created in 1885. Blue Bell vanilla ice cream was used in the combination, but it didn’t quite have the fizz they were hoping for.

Although some were happy with the combination, others were arguing their point that it would have been better to use root beer. Others said that it would be difficult to beat a Coke float.

The debate continued to roll on over the Dr. Pepper Float, with many wondering if the combination is as delicious as they hoped.

There were many people who approached it with enthusiasm, saying that it was common to have root beer or Coke used as a float, so Dr. Pepper would be a welcome addition.

Photo: Twitter/@ILoveBlueBell

Another person said that it was the best idea anyone had ever come up with, but there were others who said it was a flavor they didn’t want to try.

I guess it’s true that you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please everyone all of the time.

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