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TikTok is a bottomless well of trends these days. We are constantly learning about new things on there. Some of them are terrifying, some of them are awesome. Let’s be honest, no one needed to dip their Oreos in salsa. On the other hand, the carrot bacon was delightful. It’s truly a hit-or-miss scenario every time we are on there for an extended period of time.

You may also remember the trend where people were putting mustard on watermelon? Even Lizzo was not pleased about that one! Now, they are trying to make watermelon pizza a thing. Why, God, why? These are both delicious foods on their own and we have never, ever thought to mix them. Call us crazy on that one if you need to.

Photo: Max Pixel

Yes, watermelon pizza is exactly what you think it is before you ask us any further questions. The watermelon is used in the same manner as a crust and the toppings are chosen very liberally. Some may decide to choose fruits, while others could decide on spices. There are no limits here other than the ones that you create for yourself, which is a terrifying prospect.

TikTok user @lalaleluu is presumably the first creator that decided to try this one out.

To get started, she squirted some sauce on the top of her concoction. From there, she added some sliced lemon to the equation, in addition to Tajín. When she ate a slice, it actually looked semi appetizing.

Photo: TikTok/@lalaleluu

The other videos that we have seen? Not so much. The Domino’s Australia TikTok account is the primary offender here. These people made an actual pizza!

That is going too far, in our humblest of opinions. A watermelon round was covered in cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. We didn’t need to see any more from there but we were forced to keep watching out of morbid curiosity.

Photo: TikTok/@dominosau

This is a wonderful dish for anyone who is looking to enjoy a nice slice of hot watermelon that is covered in pizza toppings, that is for sure.

It has to be such a letdown when you bite into this and you are not tasting the pizza crust that your taste buds know and love. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste.


Y’all keep asking us for a low carb option 😏🍕Nah fr when we saw @elburritomonster make a watermelon pizza, we HAD to give it a go.

♬ original sound – Domino’s Australia