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Pizza is one of those foods that can be eaten at any time. It makes a great surprise dinner for the whole family when you’re too lazy to cook. It’s also a great cheat meal for those days when it’s just you and you feel no shame just making your way through a whole pizza while watching Netflix. Pizza is the perfect snack for game night with friends. And it’s also a great cure for hangovers, or a quick and lazy breakfast when you’re in a pinch. Regardless of how you enjoy it, pizza is great.

While there are many of us who will happily eat pizza the next day, there is no denying that cold pizza isn’t as nice as warm pizza. But sometimes even when you try to warm it up it doesn’t come out as great as it was fresh. That is why Domino’s Australia’s blog came out with a recommendation for how you can get the perfectly warmed up slice of pizza the next day.

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Their suggestion was to place your slice of pizza into the microwave along with a half cup of water in order to crisp up the crust in less time than putting it into the oven. They also recommended that you heat the slice for 30 seconds but the time does vary depending on your microwave.

The TODAY Show spoke with the Institute of Culinary Education chef Palak Patel about her thoughts on Domino’s tip, and she instead suggested that you reheat your slice within a hot pan using water.

As she explained, โ€œAfter you get the bottom nice and crispy, add a few drops of water to the pan and cover it with a lid for about a minute.โ€

If neither of these sounds like something you would want to do, Domino’s also has some other reheating tricks for your leftover pizza, such as reheating in an air fryer, scrapping off the toppings in order to create a breakfast omelet, or using the leftover crusts to create a cinnamon dessert. I personally prefer nuking my leftover pizza for a minute in the microwave then complaining when the cheese burns my tongue. How do you prefer to reheat your leftover pizza? Let us know!

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