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There are certain Christmas gifts that may not make sense to most of us. While they may not be the type of thing that we would ask for, they definitely appeal to their recipients and this video is a prime example of that.

The man in this TikTok video was surprised with a dolphin mask this past Christmas.

Photo: TikTok/@kaitlynngianna

You might be wondering why he would get such a ridiculous gift. Luckily for us, the video has the whole backstory. It’s a bizarre present, for sure, but once you find out why it was given, you are going to love this clip.

The way that he starts laughing at the gift made us laugh, too. His laughter is absolutely infectious as well. Once they tell him to put it on, you are immediately rooting for the inevitable moment to take place.

Photo: TikTok/@kaitlynngianna

Once the mask is on, we could not stop laughing. This man is clearly enjoying the gift greatly and we are glad that they came up with such an awesome idea for his gift. This story proves that the old saying really is true. It is always the thought that counts during the holiday season, isn’t it?

We are willing to bet that the little ones are sure to love this one. It is great to see parents that think nothing of doing silly things to make their kids laugh and this dolphin mask looks like it is sure to be a hit in this house for months to come. Best of all, it fits him absolutely perfectly and offers the right amount of ridiculousness.

Photo: TikTok/@kaitlynngianna

These are the family moments that children are sure to remember when they get older. They are not going to remember all of the mundane times that were spent in the car or on the way to school. They will remember the time when their father put on a silly dolphin mask and made everyone laugh, though.

Check out the clip below to see for yourself:


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This dad; laughter is joyous and it reminds us of what the holiday season is truly about. It is about spending time with your loved ones and cherishing every second of their company. Hopefully, we get some hilarious follow-up videos where we get to see him rocking the mask and making the family laugh some more.