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Cristina F is a mother who has come up with a great solution to a very common household issue. The electrical outlet covers in our homes are certainly practical but that does not mean that they are nice to look at.

How are we able to address this issue, while remaining safe? This is where Cristina F’s hack comes into play. You are definitely going to want to see more.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She did not want to look at these eyesores anymore and her solution is one for the ages. The resourceful mother decided that she would use dollhouse doors as a means of covering them. It’s the sort of hack that makes perfect sense and yet we wish that we had been able to think of it on our own.

At least now we will be able to dress up our homes in a whole new way. She was not content to merely throw some doors on the outlets and keep it moving, either. These doors have all been framed properly and she even includes a half moon welcome mat underneath each of them. The key to each of the doors has been planted underneath the welcome mats, which is a great touch.

I have been putting dollhouse doors as outlet covers around my house

This mother has definitely thought of everything. This is the type of ingenuity that we can always appreciate.

This is especially useful to those of us who have small children at home that we are looking to keep safe. We spend all kinds of time and energy on keeping our children safe and we can never have too many hacks in that regard.

The dollhouse door outlet cover from my previous post. How it looks with my decor. 

The attention to detail with the framing, matt, and key are really the things that have us spellbound! She shared the photos on Imgur and we have been showing them to everyone that we know ever since. All the parents out there are sure to love this one.

What do you think of the dollhouse door electrical covers? Would you do something similar in your home? Let us know!

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