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Cuts and scrapes are never fun and they are especially cumbersome when they are found on the hands and fingers. Now that we are all washing our hands as often as humanly possible, it can be tough to remember to put a new one on each time. Plus, who wants to go through that many Band-Aids, honestly?

Thanks to this doctor’s helpful hack, we can now leave those problems behind. You’ll definitely want to keep this one in mind the next time your little ones have a boo-boo. Dr. Travis Stork is best known for his role on The Doctors but now he is here to help us with this common issue.

Photo: YouTube/The Doctors

To start, you’ll want to ensure the injured area is clean and dry. Then, make two small cuts at each end of the Band-Aid. Make sure that each cut is located roughly 1 centimeter away from the middle gauze portion. As soon as the cuts have been made, make sure that your scrape or injury is at the center of the gauze before putting the Band-Aid on. Place one of the bottom cuts on your skin and repeat this step on the other side.

Both bottom parts of the bandage should have crossed over each other by this point in time. The upper parts can be put on top of each other as well. The end result is the dream Band-Aid. It’s securely fastened and is not going to go anywhere. It does not matter how often you move your hands or how often you are washing them, the Band-Aid is sure to stay put.

Photo: YouTube/The Doctors

If you’d like to learn more about this hack, check out this video:

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