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Personalized gifts are the best way to show someone that you truly care about them. There are few things that will put a smile on your friends and loved ones’ faces more than a family photograph. It can be so hard to get everyone together for these types of photo ops, right? While you can place these photos in a proper picture frame or make a Christmas ornament out of them, it is time for something new.

It’s time to come up with more creative methods and What’s Up Moms is here to help. They have a number of awesome ideas, but the one that has grabbed our attention is the DIY photo candle. This task may seem impossible to many, but with this tutorial, the process is simplified. The steps that you are about to learn more about will provide you with the tools you need to create a truly unique gift.

You can also craft a photo bookmark or personalized coasters. This video offers multiple options for those who want something for everyone. To get started, you’ll need to grab a blow dryer, tracing paper, your photos, and a candle. For many, all of these materials will be available without having to leave the house.

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Draw your image onto the tracing paper once you are ready to get started in earnest. If you are not the most artistic person, you can print out your images and add them as needed. The photo will be added to the paper next and from there, you can cut it out. Take a piece of parchment paper and wrap it around the image once the photo has been wrapped around the main candle.

The final step has arrived and this is where the blow dryer comes into play. To make sure that the image is properly placed on the candle, blow-dry the image for at least three to five minutes. The parchment paper is pulled away and the image should be permanently etched onto the candle at this time.

Those who have further questions about the process are more than welcome to take a closer look at the awesome video. Each step is explained in full to anyone who needs help. Thanks to this tutorial, we now have a wide range of DIY photo gifts to choose from once the holiday season rolls around this year.