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TikTok is a wonderful place for easy snack recipes and hacks. One particular TikTok comes in handy for anyone who has ever gotten a late-night craving for mozzarella sticks. They’re usually found at diners or as appetizers in bars, and they are such a comforting, cheesy snack.

Everyone loves the cheese pull of a mozzarella stick, but sometimes when it’s late at night, you can’t readily go out and get some. But thanks to one of the latest hacks on TikTok, satisfying your mozzarella cheese stick cravings has become a lot easier. In fact, it can be accomplished with the items in your fridge.

Photo: TikTok/@sweetportfolio

Forget needing any kind of fancy ingredients or appliances, these tasty snacks can be accomplished with Mini Babybel cheeses and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Together, these items create delicious, bite-sized snacks that will rival any mozzarella stick out there.

The creation was brought to us by Valentina Mussi, a TikTok user also known by their username, sweetportfolio. In a video that has been liked over 112K times, the recipe is a very easy one to replicate.

You simply begin by crushing up a bag of Doritos, then unwrap a couple of Mini Babybels.

Photo: TikTok/@sweetportfolio

From there, you dip the rounded cheese bits into an egg wash before coating it in flour, dipping it back into the beaten egg, and finally rolling it through the Dorito crumbs.

Photo: TikTok/@sweetportfolio

Mussi shared that if you want it even crunchier, you can repeat the final two steps of dipping the cheese round into the egg wash and then in the Doritos a second time. Rather than worrying about an oily mess, Mussi prefers to keep things simpler by using an air fryer.

Photo: TikTok/@sweetportfolio

In addition to this video, she also has another version in which she replaces the Doritos with Cheetos for a more cheesy punch.

Watch the hack below:


DORITOS-CRUSTED BABYBEL FRIED CHEESE 🧀🔥😍 #homechef #foodhacks #doritos #cheese #airfryer

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What do you think of this easy recipe? Have you made it before? Let us know!

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