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When you are going to spend an evening chilling out in the backyard, there are certain uninvited guests that you do not want to see. No, we are not talking about your in-laws or your pesky younger siblings. We are talking about the mosquitoes that congregate in your backyard on a shockingly regular basis. The itchy bites that they leave behind would already be bad enough but the whirring sounds? They are enough to drive us absolutely crazy!

While Citronella candles can provide us with a moment or two of relief, they do not offer the necessary protective radius, and they also tend to lose their effectiveness pretty quickly. So how can we do away with the mosquitoes and keep ourselves free of these pests this summer? This homemade mosquito trap will do the trick.

Photo: Pixabay

All you need to get started is an empty two-liter bottle, a 1/4 cup of brown sugar, a gram of yeast, and a cup of water.

To get started, take the plastic two-liter bottle and slice it in half.

Next, you’ll want to take the brown sugar and mix it with the hot water. You’ll want to make sure that the solution has a chance to cool before proceeding. As soon as the mixture has cooled down, pour it into the bottle’s bottom half. From there, it’s time to add in the yeast. The yeast is one of the most important elements of the homemade trap, as it creates the carbon dioxide that attracts the pests.

Then, take the funnel part and put it upside down in the other half. Some like to make sure that the two parts go together, so they will tape it shut. The outside of the bottle needs to be painted black once this step is complete. The top must be left uncovered.

The solution must be changed out every two weeks for the best results.