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One of our favorite features of our grandmother’s kitchen is the lazy Susan. Unfortunately, we do not see these as often as we once did and that is too bad.

However, the Do It On A Dime TikTok account recently shared how to make a lazy Susan at home and it’s a game-changer. Those who seek major kitchen organization help are definitely going to want to see this one. The best part of all? The hack can be handled on the cheap and it is not going to take very long at all.

Photo: flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

According to the caption in the video, you can fix up your kitchen with one quick trip to the dollar store and that’s what it is all about. Any time that you can offer yourself big organizational improvements without spending big organizational money, that’s a win/win.


“Fix your life from the dollar store,” the official caption reads and they are most certainly not kidding.

Photo: TikTok/@doitonadimeofficial

When the clip begins, a bunch of marbles are produced and poured into an empty cake pan. Another cake pan is set on top of this one and placed inside of the cabinet. Once combined, it creates a lazy Susan that works just like the ones you’d purchase.

Check out the amazing hack for yourself:


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♬ original sound – Do It On A Dime

What do you think of this DIY lazy Susan? Let us know!

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