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Now that Halloween is right around the corner, it is time to start taking a closer look at our decor situation.

For example, this TikTok user decided to pay homage to Harry Potter with their decorations and this is some of the coolest stuff that we have seen in some time. @sareishh (as she is known on TikTok) is the decorator that is responsible for this magic.

Photo: TikTok/@sareish

If you are anything like us, you know the exact scene that is being referenced here. There is a famous scene in the film where jack o lanterns are alive and start floating through the air in Hogwart’s cafeteria. We did not think that it was possible to recreate this scene in real life but this is all the proof that we needed that this is indeed feasible.

She managed to visualize this amazing do-it-yourself hack during a shopping trip at Target. She snagged 10 electronic jack o lanterns that light up and was able to drill holes into them with relative ease.

Photo: TikTok/@sareish

In her words, she then “used fishing wire to hang them from the ceiling.” This is such a brilliant idea and we cannot believe that we did not think of it first.

Once she was finished, the jack o lanterns were left to hang over her dining table. The display looks like your normal, average seasonal decor when the sun is out. Once the lights go off, the glow of the lanterns provides the room with an orange ambiance that is hard to duplicate with more traditional ideas. The spooky shadows are also quite interesting.

Photo: TikTok/@sareish

We love the vibe that she has created. While these lanterns would normally cost $70, Sarah says that she had a coupon for $30 off. In case you are wondering how she managed to hang them so easily, she says that she used Command hooks to handle the task.

The comment section on this one is hilarious, as many viewers are looking to emulate this tactic in their homes. Check out the video below:


Replying to @angshepard How I made the hanging pumpkins 🥰 I love how they turned out! Just posted the I ink to the pumpkins in my b1io 🎃🎃🎃 #halloweendiys #ChewTheVibes #halloweendecorations

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