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While we love all of the Halloween décor that this season has to offer, there is one problem that we cannot get past and that there is way too much orange for our taste. Orange is a great color, but we could use a bit of a change. Once we heard that there were some excellent Halloween decorations without any orange to be found, we were intrigued.

My Cupcake Addiction’s Elise Strachan took a break from her usual tasty treats to provide us with some Halloween awesomeness. This particular Sweet Styling video is something a bit different. The decoration ideas she has to offer are incredible because they allow us to be cute without losing out on the fear factor of the whole thing.

After all, Halloween is supposed to be a time to celebrate the spooky and the scary. We have 364 other days out of the year to be cute, but this is a time to embrace the darkness and the color black. Halloween offers us the perfect chance to put this underused hue to great use and this video is all the proof we need.

Photo: YouTube / MyCupcakeAddiction

Elise will show you how to make Cauldron Cupcakes, Candy Apples, Chalkboard Pumpkins, and all sorts of other party goodies. It doesn’t matter if you are just having a Zoom gathering, your decorations can still stand out.

The black chalkboard pumpkin creates a certain “Tim Burton” feel that you are not going to get in most instances. Many of us opt for the same old witches and Jack-o-lanterns motifs that we have seen 1,000 times before. This is for the folks who are looking to step outside of the proverbial box a little this year. Consider Elise to be a tour guide, of sorts!

We all deserve the chance to have the block’s best Halloween party (or virtual block, as it were).

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