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Looking for simple, beautiful DIYs that don’t cost an arm and a leg? I’ve got a few projects just for you! It’s so discouraging to see a cute DIY and then run through the supply list and realize making the cute thing is twice as expensive as buying it. Today’s projects are the opposite! Go raid your nearest dollar store for a few supplies and get to work on these three beautiful projects that no one will believe came from the dollar store!

Basket Lamp

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

I love this cute hanging lamp! I’ve seen similar things at World Market for up to $65! And let’s not even get started on lamps at Anthropology. This look alike lamp costs about $9 in total. That’s a much better deal, don’t you think?

For this DIY, you’ll need two hanging baskets from the dollar store, as well as some black twine rope, hot glue, and a battery-powered flashlight. You can also use this as a lampshade if you already have a hanging light setup.

First, cut the wire frame away from the top circle on both baskets. Then, secure them together using black tape of sorts – duct tape, electrical tape, anything will do. Next, wrap the twine around the center circle on top of the lamp, and begin weaving the twine under and over each section until it’s covered. Make sure to leave some space in between rows of twine so light can get through. Finally, create a little loop on top with the twine and secure with some hot glue. Hang the flashlight inside and then hang the entire lamp from a hoo in the ceiling!

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

Starburst Mirror

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

These starburst mirrors were first popular in the 70s, but they are making quite the comeback! So much so, in fact, that high end retailers carry similar mirrors at ridiculous prices – some even as pricey as $200! You can make this one for about $5, depending on supply availability at your dollar store.

You’ll need a round mirror and three wooden tiki torches. If your local dollar store doesn’t have tiki torches, most big box stores will carry them, though you’ll end up paying more. Start by taking the mirror apart. Then, break the bamboo tiki torches into three pieces each. To break them, simply score the wood with a sharp knife and then snap the wood. Sand down rough edges as necessary. Break off the smaller pieces at the top of the tiki torch as well to give you a variety of sizes.

Glue the bamboo pieces around the mirror. Then, taking the little straw-like ties that held the bamboo torches together, wrap and glue around the frame of the mirror. Once done, attach the frame to the mirror with hot glue. There you have it!

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

Rope Basket Planter

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

This minimalist planter is absolutely gorgeous, and would go well in any room. Take two wire baskets and cut the tops off. Stretch the wire baskets out, making them wider at the top than the bottom. Cut the bottom off of one basket to make the top of the planter.

Then, stack the baskets, wide rims facing each other, and twine the loose wires together. Finally, hot glue some rope around the wire frame! When you get to the top, carefully bend the spiky wires down and cover with more rope. That’s it!

YouTube/Glue Guns & Roses

Get more information on these projects in the video below!