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If you’ve taken a closer look at your cheese grater and you are grossed out, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Why would anyone want to use their old cheese grater in the kitchen? It’s too risky with rust, but maybe you’d like to get some use out of this item before placing it in the trash and that’s where this comes in.

A rusty, old cheese grater might not seem like the likeliest candidate for a project of this magnitude, but they can actually be altered in a very special way. In fact, old cheese graters actually make great jewelry holders.

Photo: YouTube / Gibbz DIY

The grater can be made into a holder for earrings, but those who have more jewelry may want to incorporate necklaces and bracelets. In most instances, you’ll have everything you need at home to get started: A box cheese grater, some medium pearl beads, four medium screw hooks, and three small screw hooks, a glue gun, a toothpick, some sandpaper, your chosen paints, a palette, some brushes, and a cup of water.

From there, only seven steps need to be followed.

Photo: YouTube / Gibbz DIY

First, screw the small hooks into the grater holes on one side. Then, put some hot glue on a toothpick and apply it to the hooks to make sure they stick. Next, apply your paint of choice, so you can enjoy your preferred color scheme.

Once the grater is dry, make the feet by adding some hot glue to the tip of the larger hooks and applying them to the bottom of the grater. Pearl beads can be added to the feet to jazz them up a bit. Then, one more coat of paint is needed for the grater and then you can glue the feet to the inside corners.

From there, your toughest choice is choosing the jewelry to deck your new holder out in. If you would like to learn more about the process and how you can upcycle your cheese grater into a gorgeous jewelry holder, please take a moment to check out the video below…..and pass it along!

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