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Our leather belts are an integral part of our wardrobe. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end at some point. Once our leather belts are used up, it can be hard to find a new way to get the most out of them. That’s why we have provided you with this helpful primer. The belts that we are used to throwing away can actually be used to dress up our residences instead.

Why would you ever let a valuable resource like leather go to waste if you can possibly help it? There’s no reason to! As soon as you have learned more about the ways that you can use these belts, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. This is one of the best methods for those who are looking to upcycle. The Sorry Girls are here to show you how it is done.

This idea might sound somewhat insane but it will add rich tones to any living space that you are looking to dress up. The luxurious simplicity that these belts have to offer is a boon to any home. Whether you think you are in need of this hack or not, it is sure to help.

Photo: YouTube / TheSorryGirls

The Sorry Girls have a great channel for anyone who is looking to enjoy DIY projects at home. Since so many of us are stuck in the house at the moment, we are passing the time with all sorts of jobs and tasks that we never thought we would get around to. That “I’ll get around to it eventually” list is starting to get smaller and smaller by the day.

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Simply rustic modern shelf made from a board and a belt for our bathroom #moderndesign #upcycle #goodidea #easyenough #beltshelf #boardshelf #simpleidea #rusticdecor #iloveit #sturdytoo #piypaintproductsinc #bathroomshelf

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Finding new uses for our old junk is one of the best ways to pass the time. A project like this one is perfectly tailored to the folks who do not consider themselves to be all that handy. If these ladies can handle the DIY projects that they have to offer with ease, so can you!

So what’s your excuse? Please be sure to jump right into this amazing video. Within six short minutes, you will be fully prepared for any belt related shelving issue that comes your way. At long last, we finally have the perfect use for all of our old leather belts that are sitting around and collecting dust.

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